Thank you for contacting Insurance King a low cost car insurance leader. Insurance King has a 24/7 365 live person answering service. This service is helpful for first reporting of a claim for documentation. In addition, agents are on call to assist customers up to 10pm CST 11pm EST. Also, customer service gets the list of messages first thing in the morning. A list of our phone numbers is on our locations page. Furthermore, you may fill out the form below and an Insurance King representative will respond. The contact us is also used for feedback on our marketing. Go ahead and tell Insurance King marketing what you like or don’t like about out ads. If you are trying to contact Insurance King about marketing please submit a marketing packet and we will review.

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Low Cost Auto Insurance leaders. In addition, we offer SR-22 insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, roadside assistance. Also, Insurance King offers cheap car insurance, mandatory car insurance, and state minimum liability insurance. In other words, we help drivers find cheap car insurance using the State minimum liability. In addition, we also have higher than the State minimum liability for drivers. Because, not all drivers qualify for higher limits of liability. It depends on their driving history.

The History of Insurance King

Established in 2001.
Insurance started in Rockford,IL in the year 2001. Our Agency insures thousands of vehicles every month in the states of IA, IL, IN, KS, MS, MO, OH, TN, TX, and WI . Insurance King will be adding more states as we expand nationwide. In addition, we are building our brand awareness with locations that look like castles. Because, Insurance King acquires existing buildings then remodels them to look like a castle to go with our our theme.

Franchising opportunities with Insurance King.

At this time our Agency is not a franchise. All Insurance King locations are run by corporate. Every year we evaluate the concentration of business to make our decision to open a location. Customers want cheap car insurance and we have found a system to deliver on just that. When we open a location we are able to keep our costs down for the customer. Because, we have already built a customer base prior to opening the location. In other words, Insurance King has a business plan to help tens of thousands of drivers find cheap car insurance all over the country.

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We have been helping drivers find cheap car insurance, SR-22, and
motorcycle insurance since 2001.