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Contact numbers for Alabama

Insurance King Mobile Area Phone Number (251) 285-7405
Insurance King Montgomery Area Phone Number (334) 363-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Birmingham Area Phone Number (205) 299-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Huntsville Area Phone Number (256) 886-5464 (KING)

Contact numbers for Illinois

127 N. Alpine Rd. Rockford, IL 61107 – (815) 639-0149
9AM – 7:30PM Monday – Friday (CST)
1801 11th St. Rockford, IL 61104 – (815) 316-9522
1515 N. Rockton Ave. Rockford, IL 61103 – (815) 968-5464 (KING)
1225 West Loucks Ave. Peoria, IL 61604 – (309) 839-1060
Insurance King Central Illinois Phone Number (309) 981-0391
Insurance King Central Illinois Phone Number (217) 615-7603
Insurance King Southern Illinois Phone Number (618) 300-1080
Insurance King Chicago-Northern Phone Number (224) 353-0862
Insurance King Chicago-Southeast Phone Number (708) 401-8135
Insurance King Chicago-Southwest Phone Number (630) 847-5399
Insurance King Chicago Metro Phone Number: (773) 609-9395
Insurance King SPANISH Phone Number (847) 454-3142

Contact numbers for Indiana

Insurance King South Bend Area Phone Number (574)367-9304
Insurance King Fort Wayne Area Phone Number (260) 225-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Northwest Indiana Phone Number (219) 229-6703
Insurance King Central Indiana Phone Number (765) 200-0036
Insurance King Indianapolis Phone Number (317) 704-4253

Contact numbers for Iowa

Insurance King Davenport Area Phone Number (563) 594-0616
Insurance King Des Moines Area Phone Number (515) 994-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Cedar Rapids Phone Number (319) 855-5464 (KING)

Contact numbers for Kansas

Insurance King Topeka Area Phone Number (785) 214-5464
Insurance King Kansas City Area Phone Number (913) 937-7504
Insurance King Wichita Area Phone Number (316) 882-7608

Contact numbers for Mississippi

Insurance King Central/Southern Mississippi Phone Number (769) 218-0806
Insurance King Mississippi Coastal Region Phone Number (228) 206-8760

Contact numbers for Missouri

Insurance King St. Louis Phone Number (314) 338-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Kansas City Phone Number (816) 984-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Joplin Phone Number (417) 553-5464 (KING)

Contact numbers for Ohio

Insurance King Cleveland Area Phone Number (216) 769-5464 (KING)
Insurance King NW Ohio Phone Number (419) 581-5464 (KING)
Insurance King NE Ohio Phone Number (234) 736-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Dayton Area Phone Number (937) 732-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Columbus Area Phone Number (614) 984-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Cincinnati Area Phone Number (513) 223-5464 (KING)

Contact numbers for Pennsylvania

Insurance King Allentown PA and surrounding area (610) 205-9639
Insurance King Pittsburgh PA and surrounding area (412) 250-7403
Insurance King Erie PA and surrounding area (814) 580-0891
Insurance King Harrisburg PA and surrounding area (717) 889-0850
Insurance King Scranton PA and surrounding area (570) 871-5501
Insurance King Philadelphia PA surrounding area (215) 554-2850

Contact numbers for Tennessee

Insurance King Nashville Phone Number (615) 530-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Knoxville Phone Number (865) 332-5464 (KING)
Insurance King Memphis Phone Number (901) 877-5464 (KING)

Contact numbers for Texas

Insurance King Dallas Phone Number (972) 232-9749
Insurance King Dallas Phone Number (214) 884-5783
Insurance King Austin Phone Number (512) 541-1778
Insurance King Galveston Phone Number (409) 356-6033
Insurance King El Paso Phone Number (915) 235-1690
Insurance King San Antonio Phone Number (210) 390-4223
Insurance King Odessa Phone Number (325) 500-0649
Insurance King Houston Phone Number (713) 370-0541
Insurance King Fort Worth Phone Number (817) 710-4105
Insurance King Waco Phone Number (254) 304-0970
Insurance King Lubbock Phone Number (806) 416-4049
Insurance King North Eastern Texas Phone Number (903) 375-5266
Insurance King South Western Texas Phone Number (830) 494-1329

Contact numbers for Wisconsin

Insurance King Green Bay Area Phone Number (920) 358-5464
Insurance King Kenosha Area Phone Number (262) 643-5464
Insurance King Milwaukee Area Phone Number (414) 255-8663
Insurance King Madison Area Phone Number (608) 721-1134

Insurance King Locations

Alpine Road Rockford IL

127 N. Alpine Rd.
Rockford, IL 61107
Insurance King Phone(815) 639-0149

11th Street Rockford IL

1801 11th Street
Rockford, IL 61104
Insurance King Phone(815) 316-9522

Rockton Road Rockford IL

1515 Rockton Rd.
Rockford, IL 61103
Insurance King Phone(815) 968-5464

W Loucks Ave Peoria IL

1225 W. Loucks
Peoria, IL 61604
Insurance King Phone(309) 839-1060

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Insurance King Expansion

In 2013 Insurance King began expanding into central Illinois. In addition, by 2014 the agency started to expand into multiple states. Today Insurance King is licensed in 13 states and currently writing in 10 states. Furthermore, if you do not see the state you live in on this page. Simply, check back with us later. Because, we are adding more and more states.

Insurance King Castles

At this time all corporate locations are converted to look like castles. These are buildings purchased in neighborhoods where are customers live. In addition, we remodel these existing buildings to look like one of a kind castles. Hence, completing our king theme. Also, our offices have medieval relics. Such as, weapons, shields, and suits of armor.

Firstly, corporate will open an office in a leased space with high traffic. Secondly, once the office in the city does well, corporate looks to purchase a building to renovate. Thirdly, when the construction is complete. We will then move to the new location. Lastly, it is our goal to open more locations to service our customers better.

Franchising opportunity

At this time all the offices are run by corporate. As we build nationwide there may be franchising opportunities in the future. What if you are interested in franchising? We are not saying no. Instead, just send us an email using contact us and corporate will evaluate it.

How we started

Insurance King started in 2000 as Nyman Advisors Inc. How did we become the Insurance King? Because, in 2001, a customer called and asked for the Insurance King. This is how we got the name Insurance King! We had the reputation of having cheap car insurance. Even if the person had a bad driving record. Not only, do we have great rates on car insurance, but our customer service has also been recognized as being great. In conclusion, we would like to thank the person for calling us the Insurance King. Because, that was not our idea.

Today we are a low cost auto insurance leader! Helping thousands of drivers find cheap car insurance every month.

Calling after office hours

Our agency has contracted an answering service based in the USA. This service is 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Why do we have this service? Because, we run advertising 24 hours a day and we want to give the best customer service as possible. On call agents are available up until 11pm EST and 10pm CST. Agents may be dispatched to start a policy after our offices are closed. In addition, this service helps with first reporting of claims. The information is sent to your insurance company to assist with the claim.

We get a report every morning for calls made after office hours. Because, we want to return all phone calls made to us. Furthermore, this service is usually answered by a live representative within 45 seconds. The 45 secs starts after the line is transferred to the answering service.

Answering service during regular business hours

Sometimes our lines are transferred during regular business hours. This happens because of unusual call volume. In other words, our agents are all assisting customers and we don’t want the wait times too long. Our service then sends us a report within minutes of the call.