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Make your Insurance Payment online

Paying your insurance premium at an Insurance King Location

Insurance King’s customer service representatives are able to process payments over the phone or in person at a local Insurance King office.

Monday- Friday 8am-7:30pm CST
Saturday 9am-5pm CST

Make your payment by phone

Pay using your policy number from your current bill by calling:

Monday- Friday 9am-8:30pm EST
Saturday 10am-6pm EST

Use a credit card or debit card.


Important information about SR-22 filings on your insurance policy. Failure to pay your insurance bill before the policy lapses will suspend the drivers license with the SR-22 filing! If you drive on a lapsed SR-22 insurance policy you could be arrested for driving on a suspended license. In addition, some states require the vehicle to be impounded. Furthermore, Insurance King suggests that drivers with SR-22 filings pay ahead to prevent license suspensions. In doing so, additional money could be saved ask an Insurance King agent for details.

Need to make a quick, one-time payment?

Choose your company from the list above to make a one time online payment. In doing so, you will be redirected to your insurance company portal. First, you will need to create a user login. Unless, you have already created a login. This feature is for customers to use as a convenience.
Making a payment with Insurance King is simple! We process insurance payments at our local offices with cash or credit/debit cards. In addition, agents can also process payments by phone. We realize our competitors charge up to $5.00 for a fee for paying over the phone with a debit or credit card. Insurance King does not charge a fee to pay a bill over the phone. Because, when paying over the phone we log into your insurance company, then look up your policy and apply the funds direct to your insurance company.

Request a quote at or simply call us at 888-839-1365

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