Studies show that less than 25% of renters have Renters Insurance Coverage.

Protect your personal belongings with Renters Insurance

If you were to have a fire or a burglar in your home, ask yourself this question. How much would it cost to replace your electronics, clothing, furniture, and other possessions?

insurance-king-renters-insurance can help you insure your rented home or apartment with affordable Renter’s Insurance Policy

Replacement cost to personal belongings is available with’s renters insurance policies, as well as liability coverage to protect you from personal liability lawsuits. Renters insurance typically provides coverage, up to the limits you select:

  • Personal property (such as electronics, furniture, clothing, etc.)
  • Personal liability (such as someone falling on your property).
  • Damage to your rented home caused by a covered loss (such as a fire).

Renters Insurance Covers More Than Property, Possessions, and Belongings

Some landlords require the tenant to maintain renters insurance coverage with specific limits of liability. Simply ask the landlord for the specifics and can help you with the requirements.