Dustin Diamond commercials are all over the internet. He is most famous for playing the character Screech from Saved by the Bell. The first commercial he filmed for is titled Minimum Coverage for Less.

Dustin just purchased the required minimum car insurance from Because, he saved so much money he decides to do more things at the legal minimum. Dustin Diamond can be seen in this video walking about a grocery store in nothing but his underwear. The ad depicts that he had in fact covered himself at the legal minimum. Therefore, the people in the store were shocked to see a man walking in public like this. However, Dustin Diamond couldn’t be more proud of the fact he was legally covered at the minimum cost. dustin diamond with insurance king will film more ads featuring Dustin Diamond wearing the legal minimum coverage. Because, the first ad was a big success!

The ad can be seen on our YouTube channel, or by clicking HERE.

Dustin Diamond has since filmed numerous ads for These commercials can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Dustin Diamond had fun with the second ad where he is seen driving a car and squealing his tires. A police officer quickly pulls him over and says, “you do know it is illegal to Screech your tires.” This was the first time in an ad that referenced the character Screech from Saved by the Bell. reached out to Dustin Diamond in 2017 to be in commercials. He is allowed to have creative input in the ads, and other marketing concepts.

Thank you to everyone that has watched our videos on YouTube. Because,  recently we passed 3 millions views!

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