It is dangerous when you drive and in a hurry but it is more so when there is snow and ice present on the road. Drivers can see snow and ice but they do not always drive with enough caution to prevent an accident. Spinning out of control on a slippery road is a common hazard. Are you going to hit a tree? Skid to a stop? Collide with another car? Are you going to lose your vehicle or your life?

The Midwest has experienced it share of record snowfalls and arctic blasts of cold temperatures. There will be many consequential effects from harsh seasonal weather and one of those will be the rise in car accidents. Here are a few examples of what happened to some drivers in the past.

•  An insured bought her dream car in the fall. She didn´t think it needed snow tires…her previous cars did not have snow tires. One curvy, iced road while driving after dark later…her car slid down the embankment, hitting a boulder head-on. Her car was totaled.

• An insured was driving his SUV to work on a road that seemed clear. Black Ice is dangerous and you cannot see it. He spun out of control, hitting a tree. His SUV is barely recognizable. He lost weeks of work.

• An insured learned what happens when the wind blows a snow drift into the roadway, over a hill where you cannot see it ahead of time. He hit the drift. His car made several spins before settling hard into the ditch: ejecting him out of his car.

All were insured’s going about their normal daily routines driving in the winter weather that changed the course of their lives. They all survived their accidents. They all had car insurance. These drivers all lost control of their cars. They could have just as easily hit another car rather than a tree, ditch, or boulder. When you leave for work in the morning, you have no way of knowing if this is the day you are going to hit an uninsured motorist or total your own car in a single-car accident.

You first need to decide if you want liability or full coverage. Additional medical coverage is optional. Liability coverage will pay for any bodily injury to the driver or other party and property damage to their car. It will cover you in the event you are hit and sustain bodily injury by an uninsured motorist.

Full coverage will pay for vehicle damage or loss that is caused by collision with another vehicle or object, by fire, theft, vandalism, windstorms, hail, ice, snow, falling objects. Pays for repair to your vehicle after you meet your deductible. Full coverage can also include reimbursement for towing and rental.

The bank that you are financing your vehicle through will require to be listed on the physical damage policy. In the event something happens to your vehicle, and it is considered a total loss, they will get paid for the value of the car, less the deductible. They will apply the check from the insurance company towards your loan balance and any remainder they will give to you.

Having car insurance is the law. Make sure you have coverage for driving in winter conditions. The Agency professionals can help customize the best auto insurance policy for you and get you the best Low Cost Auto Insurance price possible. To protect yourself and your car today!

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